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Throughout its experiences in several industries SHEMAY has decided to invest in several companies working in the field of Environmental Protection or in innovative numeric activies.

Environment protection

SHEMAY is involved in water, air, soil and fire protection for companies as well as individuals on several continents.


Representing leading Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) brands as well as Fire Protection specialized brands, SHEMAY assists you in discussions with your insurance companies to develop the best solution at the lowest cost.

SHEMAY solutions support you mitigate risks in every day life.

The Digital world


Taking along young innovative companies in their market analysis, in their marketing positioning and sales strategies, SHEMAY has invested in young companies operating in the digital business.

From holographic applications dedicated to medical research or 3D simulation of dismantling nuclear site scenarios, SHEMAY invests in research and development technologies which are to become our working tools for the future.

True talents to improve our future, these companies are carried through               e-commerce websites to reach the greatest number of people, or specialized sales teams in each business area.

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